Warrior Simulator Codes


Latest codes for 2021 for Warrior Simulator are provided on our page. For instance, all the codes are 100% working and valid for usage. Moreover, the codes are valid till a short period of time. Try to make use of these before they get expire. As you can redeem a-lot cool stuff for you game with these codes. However, Roblox Warrior Simulator all codes are listed on this page.

Furthermore, with these codes for Warrior Simulator you can redeem free coins and pets. These codes will give you a head start in upgrading your character, and the pets will help you increase your ability to collect coins a lot faster!

Therefore, you could reach where you want leaving others your behind. Defeat you enemies and master the game. So, don’t wait more, the codes will expire soon. GO!!

Warrior Simulator Codes


Here are all the codes guys!! Look at the list below, the codes are 100% working and verified by the users. Therefore, so don’t worry! Moreover, if you find that any of the codes above are not working for redemption then do tell us. Kindly mention that code in the comments below and win exclusive rewards.

  • joineddiscord: Redeem this code and get 800k coins
  • ActiveWizard20K: Redeem this code and get 150k coins
  • 73M1LL1ON: Redeem this code and get 100k coins
  • SnugLife: Redeem this code and get an starter pet
  • winterwarrior: Redeem this code and get 50k coins

Furthermore, some of the codes above are case sensitive containing numbers and symbols. However, be careful when you use such codes. Error may occur due to mistakes and interrupt the redemption process.



The following codes are unavailable for redemption therefore, do not redeem these codes. You will not get any rewards. So, only use the valid and available codes.

  • 63MILLION: Redeem this code and get 50k coins
  • 80MVISITS: Redeem this code and get 800k coins
  • EPICWARRIOR: Redeem this code and get a lot of coins
  • SubToSnugLife: Redeem this code and get a lot of coins
  • Area51: Redeem this code and get 35,000 coins
  • 40M!: Redeem this code and get a lot of coins
  • newmoon: Redeem this code and get a lot of coins
  • 6million: Redeem this code and get a lot of coins
  • 1million: Redeem this code and get a lot of coins

Consequently, we will add more codes soon when new codes will release out for redemption. However, till then make use of these codes. The above available codes are also valid for a limited period of time. So, make sure you use them before expiration.



Additionally, here is a short guide that will show you how you can easily redeem the codes. Moreover, all the codes valid for redemption must be use before they get expire. Otherwise you will not get any reward. Furthermore, just simply follow the instructions given below and get all the rewards quickly!!

  1. Click on the Twitter icon on the left side of your screen
  2. A new window will pop up. Here you will add code you want to redeem
  3. Type in the code and click Redeem
  4. Collect your reward.

However, if the problem in redemption still persist then do check whether the codes you are using are valid for redemption or not. Also, check that you have entered the codes correctly. Because the mistakes will lead to no redemption.



  • Click to attack and kill NPCs with health bars over their heads.
  • Sell your backpack near the spawn area or by clicking sell.
  • Upgrade your sword and backpack near the spawn area.
  • Buy pets to help you get more coins when you sell.
  • Unlock new areas to fight stronger enemies and bosses

For instance, fight against a wide range of monsters, warriors, and soldiers! On the other hand, collect coins to upgrade your weapons and backpack. Also, unlock pets to assist you in your journey. Finally, fight your way up to the top and become a Warrior God!!

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